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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

A new website has just been launched to promote full LGBT equality and highlight discrimination around the world. is the brainchild of Brighton-based music producer Howard Alexander whose song “You Make Me Proud” won an international competition earlier this year to create the world’s largest virtual queer choir, singing out for equality and against discrimination.

Howard explains what prompted the creation of the new website:

“I have been so inspired by the amazing feedback and stories from people around the world singing my song, and I wanted to get involved myself and help the campaign for full equality.

I have personally been very lucky and never felt the victim of discrimination, but the more I looked into the issue of LGBT equality, the more I realised that even living in the Brighton or the London bubble, if you cannot happily hold hands with, kiss, or marry your partner in public, the same way that other people can, then you are not equal.  And therefore either your government or other people are treating you as a second class citizen.  Why should other people be dictating to us how we lead our lives?  Why should some people be able to hold hands and kiss in public and others not feel comfortable to do so?

I’ve always supported LGBT issues and rights but never in the past been much of a campaigner.  But with the very divisive issue of gay marriage equality in the UK and particularly the USA, it feels like now is such an important time to do our bit to change the world for the better.  And to allow everyone to be free to love who they want to love.

I was shocked to find that only 9 countries in the world (out of 196) have full legal equality - Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, South Africa, Spain, and Sweden and actually South Africa is a strange situation where although LGBT equality is technically enshrined in law, the reality on the street is a very different situation.

And unbelievably it's still illegal to be gay in 80 countries around the world.

So the purpose of the website is to provide a focal point to monitor and promote equality and diversity around the world.  A place to come and show your support, to raise awareness and to share your stories.  And to celebrate the efforts and achievements of amazing people in our local and global communities who take both baby steps and giant leaps for themselves and for others, on the road to full equality.

The website will enable people in all countries around the world to either Sing Out! (and join the global online LGBTQI choir), Shout Out! (record their own personal video to inspire others and celebrities around the world to get involved) or Write Out! (write messages or stories and attach photos to inspire others).'s time to change the world!

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