shout out!

Have your voice heard by recording your own video message saying who makes you proud and why.

Help to inspire people in other communities or countries around the world with your own personal stories!

You don’t have to actually shout! You can just talk if you like! Or express yourself in any way you want! You can do it on your own, or with your loved-ones, friends, family, or whoever you want. Be as simple…or as creative…as you like.

Maybe you want to celebrate the efforts and achievements of an amazing person or people in your local community or somewhere in the world because of who they are or what they have done or are doing for themselves or other people.

Or maybe you want to ask your favourite singer to get involved and record his or her version of the You Make Me Proud song.

Tell us who makes you proud with their baby steps or giant leaps on the road to full equality for all.

Guidelines for Recording Your Video

We recommend that your video is less than 5 minutes long…but you can make it as short or as long as you want!

Step 1

You need a YouTube account to upload your video. Click here to create a YouTube account, if you don’t have one already.

Step 2

Record your video.

Remember the following:

Noise: Be in a quiet place with no noise from other people, traffic, TV, radio, wind etc.

Sound: Check your microphone is recording the sound clearly

Lighting:  Check there is enough light on your face and not too much light from behind you (best with no windows behind you)

Finish your video with the phrase…

“...and that’s why [say name of person/people/organisation] You Make Me Proud!” or

"...and if you do this, I will be able to say, [name of person/peope/organisation] You Make Me Proud!"

Step 3

Give a Title to your video – please use the title “You Make Me Proud –your name/s and location”

Tag your video: Use great words so people can find your video. We suggest tags such as: Equality, Diversity, Marriage Equality, SSM, LGBT, GBLT, Pride, LGBTQI, OutPostChoir, IDAHO, Marriage, Online Virtual Choir, SGLC, Anti Homophobia, Civil Rights, Proud, EqualMarriage, MarriageEquality

Step 4

Click to sumbit the link to your video to us and let us know some details about yourself that you are prepared to allow us to share on the website