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Help create the world’s largest online choir and sing the song “You Make Me Proud” in favour of equality and diversity and against homophobia and discrimination in the world

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The OutPostChoir project was started by the fabulous Sydney Gay and Lesbian Choir in Australia, and is now spreading all over the world. 

Lend your voice, record your video, and become part of this amazing project!

Become part of the choir which is as big as the internet!

Invite your friends to send in their videos. You can submit a video singing on your own or with your friends or with a whole choir!

Each video will then be mixed into the virtual choir performance which will become an ever expanding mosaic of voices and faces around the world as more and more people participate over the life of the project. 

Every month a new mix is released and the virtual choir gets bigger and bigger!

...get started here!

We've made it easy for you to Sing Out! and join the virtual choir, whether you are an individual singer or part of a choir.

First you need to click on one of the buttons on this page... If you don’t know your voice part, click on either the Lead Singer (male) or the Lead Singer (female) part below:

lead singer

...Or - if you're a member of a choir or know the individual voice part that you'd like to sing then please click on the respective voice part below:

soprano 1 soprano 2

alto 1 alto 2

tenor 1 tenor 2

bass 1 bass 2

...if you are recording a whole choir - click on the whole choir button below:

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